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Earn a Certificate in Instruction for Social-Emotional and Character Development

Hosted by Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning (CPSEL) in partnership with Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab, this two-day training – comprised of course 101 and 102 – can lead to a certificate in instruction for social-emotional learning and character development (SECD).

These unique, non-credit courses offer educational staff, school mental health professionals and those working in afterschool programs the opportunity to:

  • Acquire a foundation of knowledge and research about the relationship between academic achievement and development of social-emotional competencies
  • Build SECD skills and mindsets students need to be socially and academically successful
  • Develop skill in pedagogical strategies to integrate SECD principles, skills and concepts into all aspects of teaching
  • Engage fellow educators and group leaders to be reflective in their practice and understand the relationship between self-learning, classroom practice and student learning
  • Demonstrate the ability to initiate and operate an SECD-friendly classroom or group (before, during or after school).


SEL 101: Foundations of Social-Emotional and Character Development lays the foundation for social-emotional learning and character development (SECD) competencies and is designed for the person who will provide direct instruction in a classroom, small group or afterschool setting. The focus is on theoretical underpinnings of social-emotional and character development as well as the research behind it, specifically:

  • Defining SEL skills
  • Defining character education and how it relates to SEL
  • Sharing the importance of social-emotional competence and character in school and in life
  • Exploring research that supports SEL and character education in schools


SEL 102: Pedagogy and Practice  focuses on the actual methods and applications of best practices in the area of SECD, specifically:

  • The role of emotions and emotion regulation in student success
  • What effective SECD instruction looks like
  • Creating an SECD-friendly classroom or group culture/climate
  • Evidence-based SECD practices
  • Integration of SECD into the curriculum
  • Regardless of the social-emotional and/or character development program currently being implemented (if at all), participants will become better equipped to implement a wide range of SECD instructional and implementation methods.


003: SEL Alternate Practicum, an 18-week online practicum through Rutgers SECD Lab, optional for those who have completed course 101 and 102 successfully. However, in order to receive the SECD certificate, completion of the practicum is required. More information is available at Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab.